Full Service Junk Removal

Local-Family Owned & Operated


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you take hazardous items?

We are not licensed to carry hazardous materials.

Can you give a price over the phone?

Due to the various size of items it is impossible to give an accurate price over the phone. We offer free on site estimates.

In regards to appliance removal, do you disconnect gas lines?

For liability reasons we do not disconnect any gas lines. Please hire a licensed outfit to disconnect any lines. Upon completion we can happily remove your appliances.

What do you charge to get rid of junk?

Our pricing for you to get rid of junk is volume based, you only pay for the space that you occupy in our trailer. Check out our pricing page.

What is Dahl Hauling?

Dahl Hauling is a full service junk hauling company. We haul away items you no longer need. We offer trash disposal, junk pickup, furniture removal, whatever you need to get rid of!

What is the best way to get rid of junk?

We highly recommend shopping around, if at all possible take your items to a recycling center yourself, that would be your cheapest bet depending on your junk items. We offer free estimates, which is a good place to start. 

Do you take garbage?

Yes, trash disposal is covered. We do not offer bins or weekly curbside pickup however.

Do you dismantle items?

We do some light dismantling, such as cutting items if they are too long or cutting up small sheds and decking. It all depends on the situation and item, generally a labor fee will be added if it requires a lot of time.

What is the strangest thing you have found?

Over the years we have come across just about everything imaginable. Finds such as every weapon to suit a ninja turtles' delight to old world war 2 radios and shell casings. Old fashioned sewing machines, old accordions, even Rolex watches, it's quite amazing what gets tossed out sometimes.

Do you cover Hudson WI?

We do not. We are not licensed to haul items across state lines.

Do you donate items?

Absolutely! We work with Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Where do you get rid of junk?

That depends on the items taken, anything that can be donated or recycled is our top priority. Everything else will be burned or further recycled by licensed transfer stations.

Do you remove pianos?

We do under the right circumstances. As long as there are no stairs involved, we can generally take them. We do like to assess them in person before committing to removing them, as we do not have piano removing equipment, just pure muscle.

Why can't I find anyone to take a sleeper sofa?

We see sleepers quite often, when it comes to furniture removal. They can not be donated due to the mattress, because of the possibility of bedbugs.

Do you rent out dumpsters?

We do not offer dumpster rentals. Our rates are comparable however, plus we do all the heavy lifting no matter where your items are located.

How is your junk removal service different?

The biggest difference is we are actually local, family owned and operated not a franchise. We also take more junk for a cheaper rate than any of our competitors. We make customer service our top priority. Upon request, we can also make our appointments for a set time and make it out at that time, not a annoying 2-3 hour window.

Do you cleanup hoarder houses?

Yes, we do. We go above and beyond in hoarder situations. We know it can be very hard to let go for some people. We are very understanding, and treat all items delicately. Hoarder cleanup is very important to us, we don't want anyone subjected to living in a dangerous or unhealthy household.

Do you charge extra for appliance removal?

No added fees, just normal volume rates apply.

Where are you based out of?

We are based out of St. Paul.

What is the cost to get rid of junk?

Pricing is volume based, the space it occupies in our container. Give us a call, we can usually give a decent ball park price over the phone or free onsite estimates if need be.

Do you take items as is, or do I have bag or box stuff up?

You don't have to lift a finger! We will take anything from anywhere as is. Depending on the situation and amount of time spent bagging or boxing items up we may charge a labor fee (usually only applies to hoarder cleanup situations), but we will absolutely do all of the work.